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2003 Memorial

Below this ground are the bones of Benjamin Piatt Runkle. Above this ground is the spirit of Benjamin Piatt Runkle. Within your heart is the spirit of Benjamin Piatt Runkle that was passed to you by Founder succession. The Founders challenged other Sigma Chis, they initiated other Sigma Chis, and they passed to other Sigma Chis the spirit that was inherent within all of them. It is within your heart. The spirit of the Seven Founders, the spirit of the Sigma Chis that were in your life when you were initiated that knew Sigma Chis that knew the Founders. Some day our bones or our ashes will be below the ground. And it is up to us to make sure that our spirit and the spirit of the Founders is passed to other Sigma Chis. Brothers, guard well the honor the Cross.

Jon Miller
Oklahoma State '66